Member Update June 30, 2020

Relaxed eviction rules now in place; existing tenant eviction orders can be enforced starting Thursday 

Landlords with existing eviction orders can, if necessary, take tenants to court to enforce the order starting on July 2 as part of the provincial government’s recent relaxing of tenancy rule restrictions that were implemented at the beginning of the pandemic. 

The relaxed rules also immediately allow landlords to: 

  • issue a Notice to End Tenancy for any reason other than unpaid or late payment rent, subject to a notice period
  • enforce a writ order; 
  • enter a rental suite with 24-hour notice without the tenant’s consent, as long as they follow health guidelines like physical distancing, cleaning, and wearing masks when appropriate;
  • personally serve documents to tenants; and 
  • restrict access to common spaces for COVID-19 related health reasons. 

Click here for more information on current tenancy regulations. 

Share your experience — complete the WEBForms survey

We continue to focus on advocating for improvements to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) new WEBForms platform.

With market activity picking up, we’re hearing more of your feedback on this national service.

To convey your experience and suggestions in a more accurate and comprehensive way, real estate boards across the province have partnered to conduct a WEBForms survey of BC REALTORS®.

Your input will give us deeper data to measure and document, in your own words, your views on the new WEBForms that we can share with CREA.

Click here to begin the survey.

Please take the time to share your feedback. The survey should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

Watch part two in our video chat with Mortgage Broker Angela Calla

In our latest video in our new Innovation Series, we feature part two of our discussion with Mortgage Broker Angela Calla. In this segment, Angela talks about how the mortgage market is evolving, allowing for different options for people across the country.  

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In part one of our conversation with Angela, she discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the mortgage market and gives you advice you can share with your clients today. Watch the video below.

Our first Innovation Series video featured Ethics Guy® Kim Spencer. Watch the video to hear Kim's advice on how to position yourself and your business to thrive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch for more videos soon.